Thirty-nine-year-old Wade Bison appeared Monday in Burleigh County’s virtual court for a change of plea.

Representing himself in front of the court, Bison continued his guilty pleas and waived his right to hearings in front of a court saying.

“I don’t want to have to put the court through that,” said Bison.

Bison was seen on a number of charges. In the two counts of fleeing from a peace officer while driving under suspension, both misdemeanors, he pleaded guilty.

As the state discussed the revocations of probation, Bison began to tear up.

The courts reopened previous cases from the years 2020-21, where Bison had trouble with the law.

Judge Lindsey Nieuwsma read off the five petitions and allegations within the revocation of probation, with some stating that Bison had not complied with his previous probation and failed to keep in contact with his parole officer since August of 2021.

“Basically probation has gone about as poorly as it possibly could,” said Morton County Attorney Gabrielle Goter.

“Probation has never worked for me; I don’t have a home and I advised that before and they still put me on probation. I live in South Dakota way out in the middle of nowhere; I would ask for two years straight time,” Bison said.

The state requested about 18 months of time as Morton County pushed the maximum five-year sentence.

Nieuwsma asked why Bison believed he deserved less time.

“I know that I need some treatment, I really wanna get my life together, using wasn’t a thing for me, two years is a long time to me,” said Bison.

He said it would take him at least 18 months to fully rehabilitate and be able to use what he’s learned for the better.

“I don’t want to be a criminal, I don’t want to live a criminal life. I wanna be able to be out there for my kids and to actually be a positive person for the community,” Bison said.

“I don’t believe I’m a bad guy, I just made some bad choices,” he said.

Bison added that he suffers from anxiety, which is why he tends to flee when police approach him.

Nieuwsma took all statements into consideration.

“Your cases are the worst-case scenarios, these are the types of cases that keep folks like us up at night,” said Nieuwsma.

“The positive is that you recognize that those are some horrific choices that you made,” said the judge.

Despite the request from Morton County for max sentencing for Bison, it was determined that Bison will now be facing a total of four years in prison with all sentences concurring with one another.

Bison is scheduled to appear in court again Friday for an arraignment regarding his Morton County