MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — Thirty-nine-year-old Wade Bison pleaded guilty to his charges in Morton County Courthouse Thursday — four felonies and two misdemeanors.

All charges are from the events that took place early morning on March 21, 2022.

Bison drove a white Ford F250 pickup into 77-year-old Erwin Leon Geigle, on the west side of Mandan High School near the All Seasons Arena.

And according to surveillance footage, “the closest camera angle then shows the white Ford back up and drive straight forward then back up again and drive forward for a third time before making a big angle to drive towards the south,” said State Attorney Gabrielle Goter.

A witness statement read by Goter said, “He saw sparks from the crash and saw a man attempting to get to his feet in front of the vehicle, he said the truck just kept hitting him.”

After repeatedly running over Geigle, Bison fled the scene.

There were also more than six consistent eyewitnesses in addition to video evidence presented by the state.

“Erwin Geigle had significant visible trauma to his body including tire tread marks on his abdomen a phone near Erwin Geigle’s body was heard ringing multiple times while law enforcement was on the scene,” said Goter.

Jeanette Geigle, Erwin’s wife, was attempting to reach her husband and got no answer, so she came to the school.

She told police that her husband was there to pick up their granddaughter from her middle school softball practice.

Right now, law enforcement says there is no evidence the two know each other.

The state also presented messages and multiple conversations between Bison and others, where he admitted to the murder.

“Wade Bison admitted to being the only person in the vehicle, that he was only at the school for about three minutes and that he did not know Erwin Geigle. Wade Bison stated that he was going to plead guilty because he did do what he was told to do to keep his daughter safe. Wade Bison stated that he is not crazy and had not been drinking at the time and was only a little high,” said Goter.

He later told the court that that statement with his family was not entirely true.

“I lied to Kayla when I said I was trying to protect Savannah, “Bison said.

The state continued to list its findings, telling the court that police reported human blood on Bison’s truck on the outside of the driver’s side.

And a Mandan teacher reported that if she was walking 2 seconds ahead she would have been hit next.

After hearing each state witness, Bison said, “I didn’t mean to kill that dude, your honor I got upset ’cause he walked in front of me I had to truck in first, switched up the second row forward, switched up again. I was so mad cause it’s like dude you’re hurting, you’re hurting, I took my foot off the pedal, I slammed it on the gas, just to rev the engine, blow the window down and like turn and I went right into him..and I seen him depress his chest and I just freaked out and went back and forth, get out of there and just left…I just closed my eyes and hoped that I gave him mercy, and I left.”

Bison is scheduled to appear at the Burleigh County Courthouse on April 27, where he faces additional charges in regard to the incident.

If Bison pleads not guilty in Burleigh County Court, he will waive his rights to a trial.