NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota is already a powerhouse when it comes to agriculture, and we don’t have year-round farming like some warmer states have. However, if you want to extend your growing season or keep growing year-round, you can always try a high tunnel.

While they look like greenhouses, high tunnels are much cheaper and easier to build.
They consist of simple frames usually covered by a layer of plastic. The sides roll up to vent excess heat, and they come in all sizes. Most high tunnels are not heated nor do they require electricity to operate, and in winter, you can put a blanket over your plants to protect them from the cold. NDSU is promoting high tunnels in all parts of the state to ensure that fresh produce is available in all seasons for our communities.

“High Tunnels are really important to our operation,” explain USDA-partnered farmers Brian Alexander & Joanna Winkler, “because they help us to have product throughout the year and work toward building a year-round local food system.”

NDSU recommends growing vegetables, small fruits, and cut flowers first in a high tunnel.
If they’re successful, then you can try other crops.