Have you ever wanted to spend a night in a Haunted house? How about a haunted prison?

Well, throughout the spring and summer on select days, you can do just that at the Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge.

MTN News got a chance to speak with the company behind this spooky event, and Chris DeRose has the creepy details.

The history behind the Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge is a grim one.

Not only is the place foreboding in appearance, but it also once housed some of the worst criminals in the state; some of whom came to tragic ends within its walls and some of whom may still be incarcerated there, at least in spirit.

It is because of this that Ghost Hunts USA, a company that sponsors paranormal investigation for both believers and non-believers, is set to do a series of overnights at the prison this spring and summer.

We spoke with Tyler Evans, one of the founding members of the company, and he says that the Old Montana Prison is one of the company’s favorite places to visit.

“It’s a fun, great place. It is one of my most favorite places to go. It’s spooky anyway during the day, but when the lights go out and you’re there, and there’s only one entrance in…so once you go into maximum. That’s it. When you’re there. And we’re asking the spirit world to do certain things like to open a door or to not for us to use our equipment, and they do it. That door that you just walk through seems so so far away,” Evans said.

What’s even creepier than touring the old prison during the day is doing a ghost hunt there overnight.

Each investigation goes from about 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. and you can stay with the professionals throughout the night if you want, or Tyler says, you’re more than welcome can go off on your own.

“Normally by 1 a.m., that’s when free time normally starts. The guests have an understanding of what they have to do, questions to ask and how they should approach the spirit world. Then they go off and do it and get their own evidence and they want us to go with them, we’ll go with them, but they want to be left alone, they are left alone,” Evans said.

But, if there really are ghosts or spirits at the prison, why are they hanging around after death? Tyler has a theory.

“Some of them find Old Montana as their home. So, some of these prisoners have been there from a very early age and this was their home. And that’s where they feel safe. That’s where they want to visit back from. Others had a horrible time there. So, if ghosts do exists, I guess the big question is, will you see one?” he said.

“Are you guaranteed to see a ghost?”

“No, not at all, not at all and it does– it absolutely depends on the guests, it depends on the energy that they bring and do the dead want to talk to us tonight. And we say that at the start, ‘Hey, we want you to go home with evidence.’ Evidence that we gather for you and evidence that you capture, but if you don’t, it doesn’t mean that it’s not haunted, it just means that tonight’s not the night,” Evans replied.

So whether you’re a believer in ghosts or just want something fun and creepy to do, Tyler simply asks that people come to have fun.

“Just be positive, be fun, laugh a lot, bring warm clothes and pretty much that is that,” he said.

Reporting in Billings and completely creeped out, Chris DeRose, MTN News.