Warm, dry conditions make for more active allergy season

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The warm and dry weather is causing its fair share of problems, and it’s causing headaches for those suffering from seasonal allergies.

The green grass and warm temperatures are very inviting for some. Others, not so much.

Dr. Jay Raisen, an Otolaryngologist and allergist, said, “Seasonal allergies are actually very common this time of year, particularly when it is a very dry year.”

This past winter and early spring was one of the driest on record for western North Dakota.

Meteorologist Dave Holder said, “Global circulation has basically dictated that we’ve seen much below-average precipitation across the center part of the continent essentially, which of course includes North Dakota.

The dry conditions allow for higher concentration of pollen to be blown around.

“If we continue to see these really dry conditions, then that probably will be worse than it usually is too, as we’ve seen a high number of tree pollen counts really in the last few weeks here,” said Holder.

According to the new normals published by the National Weather Service, the northern Great Plains has trended slightly cooler over the past decade.

However, the rest of the country has trended much warmer.

These warmer conditions can cause a higher pollen count in the atmosphere.

“Even in the wintertime, when the winds are blowing, you do get pollination from trees that is spreading all throughout the air, because its very fine, and in North Dakota, we do see allergy patients even in the middle of the wintertime,” said Raisen.

For those with itchy eyes, and a runny nose, Dr. Raisen says there are some rather unique treatments.

He said, “We can treat people both with shots, drops or even toothpaste to deliver a therapy that’s really more effective.”

As for the toothpaste, it’s a specific kind that the doctor says it can work as immunotherapy.
So simply brushing your teeth, can help relieve your symptoms.

For a current pollen count, as well as allergy information, click here.

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