Four days ago, Watford City police began investigating the death of a 60-year-old man who was found on the ground outside of a residence on 25th Avenue NE.

In a Monday update, the man’s cause of death is still unknown, but investigators are awaiting results from the North Dakota State Crime Lab.

Police say they had contact with the man when he called 911 on Wednesday, April 13, because his vehicle was stuck on 17th Avenue NE and had run out of gas. Three officers and a member of the Public Works Department worked with equipment for over 90 minutes to rescue the man. He was eventually able to get out of his vehicle to get to a city snowplow, then to an officer.

Officers say they attempted to give him a ride to his home but due to the blizzard, they were unable to make it. They say he “refused” to go to a hotel or city storm shelter and instead asked to be dropped off at a location about nine blocks from his home.

The man was found dead about one block from his home on Thursday, April 14.