BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Everyone has a favorite color, but does the same idea apply to states? It’s easy to take a look around you and note a common trend in outfits, but finding out what color individuals across the entire state deem their favorite is a little trickier. Thankfully, a survey by online photo editor Pixlr has deduced the answer to this question.

To deduce the favorite color of each state, Pixlr analyzed Google searches every month for 22 different colors and 25 color-related terms, including clothing, decor, and themes (the colors black and white were excluded). When these results were tallied, it was identified that the favorite color here in North Dakota is one that may surprise many.

Most popular colors in North Dakota

Surprisingly, North Dakota isn’t alone in picking pink as their favorite color. In fact, it’s a trait we share with 12 states, including some of the most populated ones like Texas, California, Florida, and New York. Despite this, it still isn’t the most popular color in the US. That honor would go to red — across the 30 states that vote it as the most popular, 25 red-related search terms (including ‘red dress’, ‘red hair’, and ‘red wallpaper’) appeared on Google a combined 844,190 times on average every month. North Dakota is one of the only three states that doesn’t have red as either its first or second favorite color, a trait that it shares with Illinois and Oklahoma.

In many cases where pink isn’t the favorite choice, it’s the second — with 22 states voting it as such. The trio of the most popular colors was rounded out by blue, which was the most-searched color in six states, with brown coming in as the 4th most popular color, being the favorite color of two states (Ohio and Pennsylvania).

Most popular colors in the United States

One of the more peculiar parts of the study also weighed the political presence of each state — where it was noted that in some states, their favorite colors corresponded to their political leanings during the previous election period. Of each of the 26 states who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election, 14 of them (including Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, and Utah) also had red as their most-searched color. This is a slightly larger correlation than the states who both voted and searched blue (two of the six who voted blue as their favorite color also voted Democratic in 2020).

“It’s fascinating to see the varying color preferences across the USA,” explains a representative from Pixlr in a press release. “Red is dominant in more than half the states and is particularly versatile considering it has associations with vigor, love, and passion, as well as war, courage, danger, and anger. There’s also some interesting variation in the popularity of the other colors, with pink considerably more popular than blue. Whether people are choosing a color for its symbolic representations and historic associations, or simply because they like the way it looks, there is a vast array of shades and hues for everyone to choose from.” 

More information on Pixlr and the study can be found on their website.