(KXNET) — With a deep freeze looming over North Dakota, you may be wondering what this could do to your sprinkler systems if they’re not cleared out for the winter yet.

While one brief cold snap may not be enough to damage your sprinklers, it’s a good idea to take precautions since water inside the lines can expand when frozen.

Andy Ault, with AAA Sprinkler Services in Bismarck, suggests shutting off and draining your system.

To do this, open the drain or spigot inside your home that is associated with your sprinkler system. Next, head outside and open one or two where the line comes out of the house. Once they’re opened, run your sprinklers like normal to drain any water. It’s normal for your sprinkler heads to not pop up.

Ault says, “nothing will pop up but water will seep out from some of the heads… if they do that, they should have nothing to worry about”.

While it’s good to drain your entire sprinkler system before a hard freeze, you’re doing this mainly to protect the exposed spigots and heads. Any lines under the ground should be good since the ground isn’t frozen yet.

Now is a good time to have your sprinklers either blown out with professional services or with your own air compressor. Systems not blown out for the winter risk breaking from freezing temperatures.