BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Whether you’re a fan of it or not, it can’t be denied that we live in a fast-food nation. Many of us look to these quick-serving and cheap eateries for late-night snack runs, workplace lunch breaks, or go-to places when we don’t feel like cooking. They may not be the healthiest choices, but we love them all the same. With that being said, is there a certain fast-food chain that we here in North Dakota make our vice of choice?

To find out, sports betting network Betsperts took the top 30 from Wikipedia’s list of the world’s largest fast-food chains, as well as data collected with Data Infinit to find the number of restaurants per 10,000 individuals. From here, they used Google’s Keyword Planner to find out the most popular restaurants in every US State.

In North Dakota’s case, we aren’t actually all that big when it comes to fast food — there are a total of 3.6 fast food restaurants per 10,000 people in the state, the 12th lowest in the States. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have a favorite. In our state, McDonald’s is the most popular place to grab a quick bite — but this love of the home of the Big Mac isn’t entirely shared with the rest of the country.

RankFast-Food ChainStates

The appearance of Starbucks as the most popular fast-food restaurant in the US may come as shocking, especially because many think of it as a coffee shop instead. In actuality, it is considered a fast-food restaurant by the study, as it abides by fast-food wage laws. All five of the USA’s most popular states have Starbucks as their most-searched fast-food location of choice.

In fact, the US also has not only the largest number of Mcdonald’s locations in the world but also the most when it comes to population density. For every 1,000,000 people in the States, there are 39.2 instances of the golden arches. In total, there are around 13,250 Mcdonald’s locations across the country — we really are Lovin’ It, it seems.

RankCountryRestaurantsPopulationMcDonald’s per 1,000,000 people
1United States13,257338,289,85739.2
4Puerto Rico1083,252,40733.2
5New Zealand1665,185,28832.0
Five countries with the most amount of Mcdonald’s pet 1,000,000 people

To view the full study listing results for each state, as well as other results, visit this page on Betsperts’ website.