BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — North Dakota is a state that many enjoy, but some express an active desire to leave as soon as possible. And as it happens, a new study showcases exactly where these runaways intend on relocating to.

The research — which was conducted by real estate marketing company Hypewired — examined which US states people expressed the largest desire to relocate to by observing Google search terms related to each state (including ‘move to’, ‘relocate to’, and ‘homes in’). From here, the group was able to determine the states that North Dakotans searched for the most, as well as the average price of a home in each.

The states North Dakotans wish to relocate to the most.

“When first looking to relocate or move to a new area,” a Hypewired spokesperson commented in a press release, “the first step is to turn to Google for a more in-depth search for available houses and more information on the area. By analyzing the number of Google searches for terms relating to moving house, it’s interesting to see which states residents are wanting to relocate to, as according to the United States Census Bureau, the average person in America will move as many as 11.7 times in their life.”

The reasons for these choices were not entirely explained, but it is worth noting that many of the states on the top five list tend to not only host warmer climates, but also more opportunities for entertainment and larger cities. Florida, in particular, is a favorite target of many looking to relocate — and in fact, is the number one most popular result for every state’s searches combined.

“The research also shows that the sunshine state, Florida, is the most popular state for relocation searches,” states Hypewired, “coming out as number one for all 23 states’ searches combined. This could be due to its warm climate, affordable living expenses, range of attractions and activities, no income tax, and top-rated beaches.”

Despite the frequent desire to leave North Dakota, though, there are some in other states who seek to instead move into the Peace Garden State. The top three that express a desire to do so are as follows.

The states that wish to relocate to North Dakota the most.

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