BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Have you ever thought of just packing everything you own up one day, taking your family, and moving to a different place? Many people have. But if you could go anywhere, just where would you make your new home?

3,000 families were surveyed by to find out where they would move to if they were to hypothetically completely relocate without worrying about jobs or price. The results, especially here in North Dakota, were much more bizarre than originally anticipated.

Of all the places North Dakotans expressed a desire to move to, it makes sense that warmer states would be the most popular option — but in a surprising turn, when North Dakotans were polled, they selected New Jersey as their relocation point of choice. Although the exact reasons for this aren’t too clear, we believe this might be due to a diverse range of job options and a far more moderate climate.

When it comes to the reason for moving, the reasons were slightly varied, but all understandable. 32% stated they would move for better job opportunities, with another 24% citing better pay as the main reason for a move. This is tied with the hope for a healthier lifestyle (also at 24%), and another 14% expressed a desire to live somewhere with better weather.

While many have expressed a desire to move abroad in particular (with France and the UK being popular choices), one can’t move to a new place without leaving some of the older location’s charms behind. When asked what they would miss the most if they moved, many people (40%) stated that it would be their family.

This isn’t too jarring, but what might be to some is that only 8% say their friends would be the thing they missed the most. We certainly hope this is due to how easy it is to keep in contact and hang out with friends over the internet. A much higher 32% stated they would miss the familiarity of their routines, and another 20% spoke of missing American culture as a whole.

To view the full study and view an interactive map of results, visit FamilyDestinationsGuide’s full results page here.