WILLISTON, ND (KXNET) — The Williston Police Department, with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, says two police officers followed proper procedures in a December 2022 shooting incident and have been cleared to return to duty.

According to the report issued Friday, Williston Police Officers Tyler Iwen and Jordan Patton came across a stopped or stalled vehicle in the road at the intersection of 2nd Avenue West and 42nd Street West around 3:40 a.m., December 9, 2022.

Iwen approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and contacted the lone male occupant, 30-year-old Eric Obregon Jr.

Patton also approached the vehicle and offered to help push it off the roadway. Patton recognized Obregon and knew he had outstanding warrants. Patton asked Obregon to step out of the vehicle.

After exiting the vehicle, Obregon pushed Patton and fled on foot. The officers chased Obregon, who reached into his waistband during the pursuit. Patton told Obregon four times to take his hands out of his waistband during the chase.

At one point, Obregon pulled out a gun and he and the officers briefly exchanged gunfire. The pursuit continued through the Walmart parking lot and ended near the Verizon Wireless building where shots again were fired and Obregon was hit in the left leg.

The two officers called for medical assistance and applied a tourniquet to Obregon’s leg. A second wound on Obregon’s left foot was later discovered while he was receiving medical care.

Officers Iwen and Patton were placed on administrative leave while a “use of force” investigation was conducted into the incident in conjunction with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The concluding report released today, stated, “It has been determined that Officer Iwen and Officer Patton followed state and local laws along with department policies on the use of deadly force during the event. Both officers have been cleared of any criminal charges and have been reinstated to full duty with no modifications.”