WILLISTON, ND (KXNET) — Williston city officials are asking for the public’s help in preparing for potential snow accumulations over the next few days.

A winter storm is expected Wednesday through Friday, with the potential to bring 8 to 12 inches of snow beginning Wednesday morning through Thursday night.

Williston Public Works officials are asking homeowners and businesses to remove trailers, campers and other vehicles off of city streets and rights-of-way in preparation for the potential snowfall.

If there is three inches of snow accumulation, Public Works will begin plowing emergency and through streets before moving on to downtown and school zones.

With every three inches of accumulation, emergency routes and through streets must be cleared again. Upon completion of these areas, Public Works will only move into residential areas if the event has produced nine inches of snow or more.

There are about 30 avenues and 25 streets that are designated emergency through streets. Public Works will prioritize the highest traffic and population areas first. The public is asked to remain patient while crews work to clear these routes.

Additionally, according to Williston City Ordinance 1055, unless you are in the downtown district, residents are reminded not to dispose of snow from private property onto public rights-of-way, such as city streets and sidewalks. Doing so can slow down snow removal and may result in a fine related to equipment and man-hours required for the additional snow removal.