MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Wineries in North Dakota has been a growing business over the past few years, but how can we compete with wineries in warmer climates?

The North Dakota Grape and Wine Association President says 20 years ago our state only had about 4 wineries. Fast forward to now, and there are about 20 throughout the entire state.

The plants that many of the North Dakota Wineries use are dormant during the winter, but are able to live through -30 degree temperatures. Grape vines usually start growing during the spring, and become ready to harvest in September — right before they go dormant.

“That’s just something they go through,” stated North Dakota Grape and Wine Association President Rodney Hogen. “Right now they’re all dormant, nothing is going on. Once the spring and the temperatures get up there they come alive again, just like our trees do, and they start to bud out and grow leaves.”

Although North Dakota is not able to use the same vines as warmer states, Hogen says our wine tastes just as good.