A Bismarck woman has been arrested on charges of Conspiracy to Commit Murder. 38-year-old NikkiSue Entzel is in Burleigh County jail and charges are expected to be officially filed today.

She’s also facing charges of Conspiracy to Commit Arson, and Conspiracy to Tamper with physical evidence.

She was booked at the Burleigh County jail Tuesday night at 8:33 p.m.

Last Thursday 42-year-old Chad Entzel was found dead during a house fire in Burleigh County.

KX News first reported Tuesday that Entzel had a gunshot wound when he was found, and the house had been lit on fire. A Burleigh County Sheriff’s Deputy told KX News that they were conducting interviews but could not comment on if there was anything suspicious at the time.

At Noon on Tuesday, Burleigh County said no suspects were in custody.

In an obituary for Chad Entzel, Nikki is listed as his wife.

An autopsy was conducted Monday on Entzel, however, the results won’t be released for another week or two.

Entzel was the only person found in the residence on 43rd Ave NE Thursday, January 2nd when the fire department was called to a structure fire around 5 pm.

We will have more on this developing story later on in the day.