A woman who pled guilty to killing her baby says she will now withdraw that plea.

Hannah McMillin was charged with murdering her baby in April of 2019 in a Williston hotel room.

Hannah’s child was 1 month old when he was found not breathing on a hotel bed underneath a pile of pillows, with bruising over parts of his body.

According to the Medical Examiner’s office, the baby died from smothering.

Hannah was charged with murder, while her husband was charged with child abuse.

Tank McMillin pled guilty to child abuse in October of 2020 and is currently serving a three and a half year sentence

Back in January, Hannah entered a guilty plea for murder using an Alford plea, saying there was enough evidence to convict her but did not admit guilt.

Now, she has withdrawn that plea and says she wants to go to trial.

In court documents, Hannah’s attorney says Tank admitted through jail phone calls that he killed the baby, and now that he’s pleading guilty to child abuse, he can talk freely about what happened without being held responsible.

Hannah is set to officially withdraw her guilty plea June 4.