Toppling Trees In Preparation For Flood Protection

trees WIDE_1521212852857.jpg.jpg

Hundreds of trees have been cleared this week, making way for construction to begin on the Mouse River Flood Protection Project.
And the trees come down in a hurry thanks to this machine seen working along Forest Road near the Water Treatment Plant.

The tree removal and grubbing have been done in three areas where actual construction on levees and flood walls will begin in the next few weeks.

Minot Public Works Director Dan Jonasson says it’s the first step in a project that will require many years to complete.

(Dan Jonasson, Minot Public Works Director) “It’s going to be a long process but we’re committed to break it down into phases that are workable and work with the funding we have and proceed with getting flood protection built.”

The first three phases will cost nearly $100 million and take three years to complete.
After that, plans are to pursue a fourth phase that will complete the protection of all areas north of the river through Minot.

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