Toughest Jobs To Fill In 2018

Jobs like sales representatives, drivers, and technicians are on the 2018 list of hardest jobs to fill nationally.

In North Dakota, some of those jobs make the list but there are others in high demand here that might not be elsewhere.

According to Job Service, in North Dakota the hardest jobs to fill so far this year include skilled trade and production jobs, IT, drivers, technicians, and healthcare professionals.

One of the reasons for it could be related to the oil and gas industry.

I met someone who is works in the skilled trade industry and learned what his company is doing to find other qualified applicants.

“There’s always a need for a mechanic,” said Bobby Moreland, Diesel Mechanic at RDO.

Bobby Moreland has been a diesel mechanic for 11 years and it’s a job that he loves.

“I like the fact that I work with my hands, you have to brainstorm to fix and diagnose equipment,” said Moreland.

Before he started working he got an associates degree at a technical college and then moved into this career.

“This career field is a very well paying job. There’s always a need,” said Moreland.

Susan Ogurek says that part of the high demand in many of these job fields is due to oil and gas activity.

“That impacts so many other industries and it’s just a domino affect,” said Susan Ogurek, Office Manager at Job Service.

“The business market has picked up quite a bit in the last 6 months,” said Moreland.

A job like this does require a 2 year degree but the problem is that there more job openings than people with the qualifications.

“What can they do within their organization to train the skilled workforce they need,” asked Ogurek.

So, companies are providing incentives. For example, at RDO, they have a program known as access your future and it will help pay for tuition costs and provide paid on the job training.

“There are great opportunities,” said Ogurek.

According to Manpower Group, in the US the top 5 hardest jobs to fill include skilled trade jobs like electricians and welders, drivers, sales representatives, healthcare professionals, and teachers.

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