Tow Truck Company Gives Driving Tips

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Some areas of the state already have issued no driving advisories.
But if you do decide to test your luck..

KX News spoke with a tow truck company about how to be safe if you brave the roads. 
They said it’s always a good idea to keep a shovel in the car, a fully charged phone, snacks and blankets.
Make sure to check your car before leaving: the battery, tires, fluids like gas and oil..
And if you do need to call a tow, there’s ways to prepare for that too.

Gabriel Norris; Owner of Hooks Towing and Recovery: “Keep good track of where you are if you’re on the interstate. Be aware of your surroundings so you’re aware of what mile marker you’re near or what exit you’re near so that when giving directions or instructions to the tow truck company, we can find you easier.”

The owner also emphasized the importance of keeping your car on if you get stuck. 
Sometimes it can take longer than expected for a tow to arrive, and it doesn’t take long for your car to get cold.

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