Town of Center Unveils Monument at Geographical Center of North America

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In 1928, someone balanced a cardboard cut out of North America on a pen and determined the center of North America to be six miles from Balta, North Dakota. 

In 1931, Rugby acquired the trademark for the geographical center of North America. Robinson has also claimed the trademark in years past.

Now, a scientist in Buffalo, New York used an algorithm to prove where the center is officially. 

Under the center of a rock lies the coordinates for the geographical center of North America, 4.4 miles north of the Town of Center. 

Today, local government officials, members of the Center’s American Legion and other members of the public gathered around to unveil the site. 

There are two smaller rocks and an American flag just off the road, to call attention to the almost 30,000 pound monument just down the path. 

NDSU Oliver County Extension Agent Rick Schmidt says, “This is the first time it’s been scientifically proven. Obviously we feel this is more scientific than a cardboard cut out balancing on a pen that was done 85 years ago or so. But I think it will stay here.”

Schmidt explained, some scientists will say it’s tough to pin-point a geographical center because of erosion along the ocean, but he doesn’t foresee the new center being challenged.

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