Tracy’s Sanctuary House has their doors open for families in need

With the holiday season in full force, it’s a time to give thanks, and also a time to give back.

Tracy’s Sanctuary House offers temporary lodging to families experiencing medical traumatic emergencies, free of charge.

The inspiration to create the house came after Kelsey Zottnick lost her mom.

Kelsey Zottnick: “After she passed away and we had that experience of not being able to have a suitable place to stay while we were kind of in that grieving, that ‘what next’  mode, and just taking that breathe that evening, my family, my dad was- there should be a sanctuary, there should be a place where families can come.”

Zottnick says her guests are always so grateful.

Kelsey Zottnick: “Many of them have said they can feel the love that we’ve poured into the house. Also that they’ve felt my mom here… to know that my mom’s love keeps giving.”

Tonight, a family of five is making their way over to Tracy’s Sanctuary House. Now this house is up and running entirely by local donations. This month, one of those fundraisers was put on by Event Motorway.

Clif Hon is a sales manager at Event Motorways.

Clif Hon: “It’s definitely a need that needed to be filled. You know, a lot of times we forget about the families, you know, because we’re so focused on the patient. Tracy’s Sanctuary House has taken a lot of the worry from the family away so they don’t have to worry about where they’re going to eat or where they’re going to sleep.”

Zottnick says her house has stayed open for 11 years thanks to all the donations.

Kelsey Zottnick: “We’ve been able to keep the house going on the goodwill on the community.”

Clif Hon: “You know, this is the season of giving.”

Tracy’s Sanctuary House will have a Christmas Open House on Saturday, December 10, 2016.
The house will be seasonally decorated and filled with activities for kids.

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