WILLISTON, N.D. (KXNET) — The city of Williston is getting almost half a million dollars in federal money to make safety improvements.

City workers say they may use the money to put in more sidewalks, bike lanes and street improvements. The city will be studying places where people have been seriously hurt or killed in traffic crashes.

The city is partnering with SRF Consulting and Interstate Engineering to write a Safety Action Plan.

“Doing a public input, we are hoping to get more of a comprehensive view of our city infrastructure. Right now, we can’t see everything. We don’t see things that other people are seeing on the daily and might have issues with. So, by getting that input, we can actually kind of combine it and prioritize our projects that way,” said Jessica Conns, who works in the engineering department in the City of Williston.

City leaders say the goal of the plan is to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries from vehicle crashes.