Trinity Catholic Schools in Dickinson launches full day preschool

When it comes to preschool, Dickinson, ND has ten licensed providers, but none of them have all day preschool.

“Its half days-there are different options,” said Steve Glasser, President of Trinity Catholic Schools

Trinity offers preschool two to four days a week with a morning(8am-11am) and afternoon(12pm-3pm) session for three hours.

“With a half day preschool you are dropping your son or daughter off in the morning/afternoon . . you are picking them up before lunch. . . you are taking them to daycare,” said Glasser.

Having to pay for both preschool and daycare is not cheap, maybe a $1,000 a month for just one child.

“It takes a big chunk of our money,” said Samantha Darvin, Trinity Catholic preschool parent.

Darvin who has a four year-old in preschool said it’s also tough on a parent’s schedule.

“Leaving work constantly to transport a child is a big disruption to your day, so you don’t get as much work done”.

However, parents will soon have a new option when it comes to registering their kids for preschool at Trinity.

“Starting in the Fall we are going to implement a five day all day pre-kindergarten,” said Glasser. 

The school president made the announcement Wednesday night in front of parents and staff at Trinity’s junior high/high school campus.

According to Glasser parents will be allowed to drop off their kids at 7:45am in the morning and attend preschool until 3:15pm.

The school is also willing to watch them until 6pm with an after school program, to help parents who work late shifts.

Glasser also said the program will only be for four year-old children at this time.

“It is definitely nice that they are providing this all day school program. I am very excited,” said Darvin.

The full day will be offered on the Trinity Elementary East campus with eighteen available slots, but more could be added.

“Depending on the demand we could open up another 18 slots at Trinity Elementary West,” said Glasser.

Many parents in Dickinson see this as a great holiday gift before Christmas, as five families have already shown interest in the program.

Parents will be able to register for full day preschool at Trinity Catholic Schools in January.




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