Truck drivers are extra careful during winter storm

While there was a no travel advisory for much of western North Dakota, truckers were still out. 

“When we slow down as a driver we loose money so,” said truck driver Dwight Berkin.

So they need to drive extra careful with weather like this, all while trying to make it to their location in time”. 

“You got to make sure that your line of sight is always good, windshield is clear, your mirrors are cleared,” said truck driver Doug Dovell. 

and driving a bit slower is a big thing. 

“It’s icy, so icy we can’t stop and that,” said truck driver Doug Bockrant. 

Making it very hard to their job. 

“It makes the conditions out on the highway really scary,” said Berkin. 

“If cars cut us off then we got to take the ditch or take them which ever comes first,” said Bockrant. 

If you’re on the road driving next to a semi— do your best to stay out their way.

“Give us room to work that’s all we ask, the same with your emergency vehicles, give them room to work,” said Bockrant. 

A few other tips from your fellow truck drivers..

“Lights on, reduce your speeds, make sure you have enough space between vehicles, and just use common sense,” said Dovell. 

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