Tuesday is the Deadline for Filing Taxes

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The deadline for filing your taxes is fast approaching. Luckily we have a couple extra days this year.

The 2018 due date for filing your taxes is April 17th.

If you haven’t started the filing process, there is still time.

Tax preparation companies will be accepting appointments through Tuesday’s deadline.

H&R Tax Professional Cory Berry says for the average person filing only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, but everyone’s taxes vary so it’s best to have time to spare.

He adds, “I often compare it to construction. A lot of people think they can build a garage by themselves until they start and realize that it’s going to take them three times as long, and it’s going to be twice as difficult. And by the end, you may or may not have it right. Taxes are the same way.”

It’s important to note the new set of tax rules put in place this January.

Before you file 2018 taxes next year, be sure to know how these new rules affect you.

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