Two House Bills Clear up Questions About Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD

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Two House bills aim to clear up questions surrounding the legitimacy of hemp and hemp-derived CBD oil.

Lonna Brooks reintroduced hemp CBD oil to her local health store in January.

She says the first bill, 1349, will match the language in the latest farm bill with state law so there’s no confusion about hemp being recognized as a legal plant.

Brooks says House Bill 1113 defines CBD, among any other new drugs approved in the last two years.

This bill includes medical marijuana in definitions as well.

The only thing Brooks says the CBD community is still waiting to find out is how the FDA will handle CBD, now that it’s out of the DEA’s hands.

Terry’s Health Products Store Owner says, “Compared to even two years ago, the stigma and the understanding of what hemp is have changed completely.”

Brooks says the best way to know if hemp CBD oil is reputable, is if the manufacturer is transparent about the product.

She says the bottle should tell you how it was extracted. She prefers CO2 extraction because Brooks believes it’s the cleanest.

It should also tell you the carrier oil, which could be hemp seed oil, MCT (which is coconut oil), or olive oil.

The third-party test results of the product should also be available for you.

Brooks explains, “It all matters and it all plays in. Which is why it’s so important to talk to someone and purchase from a reputable source that can answer all of those questions for you.”

House Bill 1349 is still waiting on a vote from the Senate. 1113 has now passed the Senate. It’s awaiting a signature from the Governor.

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