Two N.D. lakes added to ‘warning’ list for blue-green algae


The North Dakota Department of Health has released its current blue-green algae update this afternoon.

One lake has been dropped from the list, one added and two lakes have been upgraded from “advisories” to “warnings.”

The lakes that have been put in the “warning” category are Antelope Lake in Pierce County and Homme Dam in Walsh County.

For these lakes, the health department warns all water-based recreation should be avoided in all areas of the lakes due to extensive blue-green algae blooms.

Added to the “advisory” list is Coal Mine Lake in Sheridan County. This means a blue-green algae bloom has been spotted in one or more areas of lake.

No longer on the “advisory” list is Woodhouse Lake in Kidder County. This means there is no longer any apparent blue-green algae bloom on the lake.

Blue-green algae can produce cyanotoxins which may cause serious health effects in both people and animals.

A total of 12 lakes and dams are on the “advisory” list and two are on the “warning” list.

You can read the complete list of lakes with advisories and warnings here.

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