Two women accused of stealing more than $65,000 from a Bismarck business, will pay just $500 between them.
Amanda Sapin and Faye Zempel each pled guilty in Burleigh County court this week.

An audit showed more than $65,000 in losses for the business.
Sapin, will serve 4 days in jail and be on 3 years of supervised probation.

Zempel will serve 3 months in jail and 3 months of house arrest before going on 3 years of probation.
The two women are required to only pay $500 in restitution to Merle Norman because the business filed an insurance claim.

The business received a portion of their money back from the claim.
Zempel and Sapin will cover the insurance deductible as their restitution.

Burleigh County State’s Attorney Julie Lawyer says the women essentially end up keeping what they stole, because of the way the criminal court law is written.
A victim can’t receive back both insurance money and the original money through restitution, because it would be a double claim.

According to business owner Lyla Lovdal, the insurance payment was based on insurance limits, cost of goods, minus the deductible.  She only received a small portion of the loss.

Lovdal can, however, file for further restitution in civil court.