U.S. Secretary of the Interior Speaks About Industry Trends

Energy drives the economy — that was the point U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, drove home.

In his key note speech at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference he spoke about rebuilding the industry.

The buzz at this year’s conference is the Bakken is Back.

Brad Bekkedahl, State Senator from District 1, Williston, says, “Energy is the focus of how you produce and become productive as a country.”

Secretary Ryan Zinke says being energy dominant is the way to go.

Zinke says, “Environmentally, economically, and morally it is the proper policy of this country.”

His speech was about new trends in oil… not just in North Dakota, but all across the country.
What could only be done off-shore is now moving to land.

Zinke says, “Our regulation needs to include innovation, best science, best practices and the regulatory framework. It should ensure greater safety, greater reliability and better environmental stewardship.”

Business leaders and CEO’s in the oil industry listened to Zinke’s speech and they all agreed.

Roman Buhler, Madison Coalition, says, “Entrepreneurs here in North Dakota have to do their part and the political leaders have to do their part by protecting the petroleum industry from overregulation in the future.”

Buhler says this industry is reshaping this world’s economy and says we have to keep the oil revolution going. 
Bekkedahl says with Secretary Zinke in office it’s just what we need. 

Bekkedahl says, “Understands how regulation can be in the way of things and also understands how regulation can protect the environment.”

Zinke says the government needs to get out of the way and let the industry move ahead — to rebuild America. 
Bekkedahl says North Dakota is ready for the next boom because we have the infrastructure and capacity to handle it. 

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