UMary Engineering School Work Underway

Bismarck – Saying the need was too great not to respond to it, the former University Hall building will soon be home to a new state of the art engineering school at the University Of Mary.

A building the university says has been needed since the program was established.

As the Bismarck and Mandan areas continue to grow…the influx of people means more things need to be built to accommodate those people…and to do that, you need engineers.

Since 2015, the University of Mary has tried to fill those needs with the creation of its school of Engineering.

But students were scattered, according to Brian Opp, the universities Workforce Development Strategist into whatever space was open.

“We heard the call, we took the action and it wasn’t done alone, industry partnered with the university in a big way to make it happen from a curriculum standpoint, we’re seeing it today from a facilities standpoint as we renovate the facility to develop a really amazing engineering lab and engineering school on campus”. Said, Opp

Opp tells KX News the new 18,000 square foot facility, which replaces the former University Hall, will help fill the need of workers throughout the state…

“We know that we have a shortage of workers, we know that there is expected economic growth and expansion and we also know they there are factors such as retirements on the horizon, where we know the workforce challenges the workforce shortages facing North Dakota are going to continue for some time,” Said Opp

Enrollment in the program has grown to over 100 students…one of them being Senior Levi Clagett who tells KX News…

“We’ve heard about it, since we came here and they finally made it happen, very impressive, so we’re all very excited, everyone’s extremely excited about it, I know all the younger students are bragging about how they’ll get to use it and we don’t.” Said Clagett

The University says they hope to have the new facility open by the fall of 2020.

University officials say the new building would have never been possible without several sizable donations they received, including a five-million-dollar donation by Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners in April of 2018.

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