UNITY Project


Every person has traits that make them their own individual.

We have our differences– but you might just be surprised how many similarities you have with others.

Alexus Arthur introduces us to a Unity Project shining a light on that topic.
32 poles.

32 identifiers.

Several are spreading unity.

“There was an organization a couple years ago that started doing something like this just to address some of the negativity that we’re seeing around the nation.” said Staci Kenney, Minot Area Community Foundation.

“It just kind of shows how we’re all one community and all together.” said Erin Winterton, MSU Junior.

The UNITY project is nationwide and it’s a larger than life structure that displays how different individuals are alike.

“It’s a nice to way to show that people, even though you think you’re different and you’re alone, there’s always somebody that identifies the same way as you.” said Winterton.

“First, pick a sign that you identify with.”

“We’re all just one.” said Kenney.

“I am a dog person.”

“It shows how everybody’s an individual.” said Kenney.

“I believe in a higher power.”

“It really brings people together obviously you know you can see how you’re connected with others.” said Cassidy McGree, MSU Senior.

“And my families continent of origin is Europe.”

“Visually I think it represents a lot more.” said Kenney.

We all may walk different paths.

“From a distance it’s one big canopy and when you stand underneath you see each individual string which represents each individual person.” said Kenney.

But many of our paths cross. In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

Anyone can participate in the UNITY project happening all week at Minot State University.

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