Unused Medications Can Create Hazards to the Environment, Proper Disposal is Advised

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Disposing your unused medications is a developing issue here in North Dakota.

One pharmacist says there are studies that have been done that say prescriptions are making their way into our water supply– creating a hazard. 
So, to safely dispose your pharmaceuticals– put medication in a leak proof container, mix it with coffee grounds or kitty litter and then add water to it– to make it unusable. 
If not — pharmacies across the state can take the prescriptions for you. 

Dan Churchill, Pharmacist, says, “If you’re going to take them to an approved take back location you have to leave them in the container actually because the pharmacy or the law enforcement probably need to look at them to see what we are taking back and see if it is something we are legally allowed to take back.”

Experts say it’s best to scratch your name off the bottle to protect your privacy. 

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