For the past two days, KX News has been continuously covering the quadruple homicide that was reported in Mandan first thing Monday morning.

New developments today: Mandan Police have released the names of the victims.

52-year-old Robert Fakler was one of the owners of the company. 

45-year-old Lois Cobb and 50-year-old William Cobb, a husband and wife that both work for the business were also identified as victims.

And 42-year-old Adam Fuehrer was also an RJR employee.

It’s been over 30 hours since law enforcement were called to the scene of a mass murder at RJR Maintenance and Management. 

Yesterday morning, a medical call was made. EMT and paramedics responded first, but given the nature of the scene, police quickly followed.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions: Police have not given a timeline of when the crime took place. We don’t know how the four victims were killed, or the murder weapon used.

Mandan Police Chief Jason Ziegler explains, “The cause of death will be released by the Medical Examiner. They’ll give us the cause of death, and that will be the only thing to be released: the cause of death. Everything else is going to be confidential and protected.”

The biggest concern remains that police say they don’t have a suspect (or suspects) in mind, but they still assure us the public is not in danger.

Chief Ziegler adds, “This was very specific to the victims that were there at the crime scene. There is no indication that the public at large based the evidence we found at the crime scene. That’s all I can say on that sir.”

As of this morning, Chief Ziegler said all agencies have completed their investigation at the crime scene.

He adds, “Evidence has been sent for processing and analysis.”

They are now sorting through surveillance footage they’ve gotten from community members and nearby local businesses.

Mandan Police are asking you to call if you’ve seen any suspicious activity or have any video evidence of your own.

And because we don’t know exactly when the murders took place, Chief Ziegler says to report anything you’ve noticed in the last few days, weeks or even months. He says anything is helpful in finding the murderer.