KX News has been following the quadruple murder since Monday morning. Here’s a rundown on the case. 

Information has been slow to get out, and rumors are rampant around the community. 

So here is what we know:

Tuesday we were given positive identification of the victims, all of whom were employees of RJR Maintenance and Management.

They include William and Lois Cobb, a married couple, Robert Fakler, the owner of RJR and Adam Fuehrer, another employee of the business. 

We know the location of where the bodies were found, and that the first call came into law enforcement at 7:30 a.m. Monday, April 1st. 

The crime scene was released by law enforcement Tuesday.

No weapon was recovered at the scene according to Police Chief Jason Ziegler.

We know that several law enforcement agencies have offered to help, including the FBI and ATF, but so far Mandan Police say they’re working mostly with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Police say there is no suspect or suspects in custody.

There are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot that is not known about the crime:

Law enforcement has told us there is no threat to the public and that the murders were targeted. But there’s been no evidence presented about why they believe the crime was so specific, or what motive could have led to this tragedy.

We also don’t know if the staff at RJR are in any sort of danger. The company did reopen its doors for the first time today since Monday. 

The suspect or if there is a suspect remains the largest unknown at this point. 

Police have also failed to release any sort of timeline on when they believe the victims were killed. But reports from family and friends include that some of the victims were heard from Saturday and Sunday.

Law enforcement has asked members of the community to check their surveillance cameras for anything suspicious over the last few days, weeks, and even months.