Upgraded Security at the State Capitol

capitol security_1524179521674.png.jpg

The capitol has added some new security measures. 

This week, a new card access scanner was added to upgrade the capitals security. 
State employees are given badges to scan here.. but don’t worry, if you don’t have a badge, you just stop in with the security, have your bags checked, and head through the magnetometer. 

The metal detectors we purchased 13 years ago.
And have been sitting in storage for 12 of those years. 
Now as more improvements are being made, employees go through one more step when they head in to work. 

Lt. Michael Roark; Safety and Education Officer: “Well, highway patrol, we’re always looking for ways to enhance safety here at the capitol grounds. We’re given statutary authority to provide security and a safe environment for all state employees, elected officials, and also visitors here in the building.”

Roark says they’re always looking for ways to make the capitol grounds safer.

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