Urea Plant Begins Production

It’s the first plant in North Dakota that produces urea and experts are saying it is exactly what consumers are looking for. 
Heidi Werosta tells us how the added addition is helping our states economy. 

The total cost was 740 million dollars for the plant to be completed and added nearly 50 jobs directly due to urea. 
To make urea… it takes a little bit of science and it is not an easy process.

Joey Nelson, Operations Supervisor, says, “You take ammonia, mix it with CO2, it’s kind of a volatile reaction and then from that, you make carbonate send it through some evaps. Dry it up a little bit. Thicken it. Put it into a granulator which makes the size of the granules here. We’ll cool it down then ship it out from this facility.”

The Dakota Gassification Company is finally producing urea and it is helping out the local economy.

Dale Johnson, Plant Manager at Dakota Gas, says, “It is all about supporting the Ag economy, the regional Ag economy. Some of our fertilizer used to all go out of state and now it is going to stay instate.”

Johnson says customers that use it are in a 250 mile radius of the Beulah area. 

Johnson says, “That is the region that is currently using this type of fertilizer. Those crops demand a nitrogen based fertilizer and that’s where the usage is.”

Urea is the highest nitrogen solid fertilizer that is available and the high nitrogen count is exactly what experts say is best for farmers. 

Nelson says, “It’s growing, farmers are slowly going over to using it.”

It is typically sold in large quantites and this facility has the capability of holding 53,000 tons.
The first shipments are planned to go out this Friday.

In total, the plant now makes 13 products and 3 of them are fertilizers. 

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