Utilities: Keep Your Gas Meter Free From Snow And Ice

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Bismarck – As you’re shoveling out your driveway and sidewalk– there’s one other area near your home, utility companies are begging you to clear, Your gas meter.

Experts say all the snow and ice building up around your natural gas meter can sometimes damage the pipe, resulting in gas leaking into your home.

The snow and ice can also result in abnormal pressure in the meter, which could interrupt the flow of gas into your home, making it harder to heat.

The build up can also block the electronic read-out, making the job of meter readers harder.

Experts KX News spoke to gave us some tips on keeping your meter clear.

“You know you can use a shovel, throughout the outside of it, keeping a barrier where you’re not gonna smack that meter with a shovel hard which can cause an issue, and then, either hand clean it or use a broom you can sweep it off if it’s lighter snow.” Said Mark Hanson with Dakota-Montana Utilities.

He adds, check the area above the gas meter as well because it can also be damaged by large chunks of falling ice, which can damage the meter or pipes leading to your home.

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