Velva Landmark Demolished

A historic building along Main Street of a small town in western North Dakota is being demolished this week.

Jim Olson is live in Velva where people gathered today to see the demise of the Welo Building.

There was an opera house on the third floor.

A dentist’s office and grocery store, variety store and apartments elsewhere.

But tonight, all that is just a memory as the Welo Building comes down right on the main drag in Velva.

The city has owned the now-abandoned building for some time and paid almost 100-thousand dollars to have it demolished.

Meanwhile, people who watched today remembered the structure that was built in 1905.

(Kim Hollenbeck, Velva Resident) “Basement at one time had a barber shop and apartments, apartments on the second floor, opera house on the third floor. Graduation ceremonies for the school were held there at one time.

(Maryliz Davis, Velva Resident) “Somebody said it’s bittersweet and that’s a good word for it. It’s going to leave a big hole in the city but at the same time it was a real rat-trap.”

The company doing the demolition estimates the building will be gone by about this time tomorrow.

And for people from Velva, that means a big empty space to try to fill up in the middle of town.


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