MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Edison Elementary honored Veterans Day today, where they held their Veterans Day car parade.

It has been two years since they’ve been able to have this parade; one because of covid, and two, because last year there was a blizzard.

Students and staff were able to line up and stand outside with their signs and flags, cheering on Veterans as they drove around the school.

Jeremy Melhoff, the principal, says today was great, because his dad is an Army Veteran.

“I grew up understanding the commitment and the appreciation of the military, and to have him and to see them drive around the block today honking and waving things like that, it made me feel so good to see him feel so appreciated by a group of kids, who don’t even know him. To me that is what is awesome,” said Jeremy Melhoff.

“I like that it is bringing awareness to Veterans. And what they have done for our country,” said Mario, a current student.

“I feel like we are helping our Veterans and I think that we are bringing joy to their day,” said Aiyana, another student.

Both students have family members who have also served in the military.

After the parade, fourth graders put on a musical performance for the vets.