Video Show Hanging and Burning of Oakes High School Football Player in Effigy

UPDATE — KXMB Sports Director Joey Lamar spoke with Coach Keeney, who expressed immediate remorse and said this was an unfortunate mistake that he wishes never happened.

Earlier today, video surfaced of an Oakes player’s effigy being burned by students at Linton-HMB. The front of the jersey had No. 69, according to Linton-HMB Coach Paul Keeney, as a joke. The back of the jersey had No. 55. That number belongs to Dalton Nelson, the only player on the Oakes roster of Puerto Rican decent, according to Coach Keeney.

Coach Keeney also he said that he has already written a letter of apology to the player, their entire team and their school.

Coach Keeney also said that about 8 to 10 Linton-HMB players were at the burning, but no coaches were present. He also said no players will be suspended for tomorrow’s night game.

Also, Coach Keeney and his captains hope to meet with Oakes player Dalton Nelson before the game to let him know this was not done intentionally.

Original Post

(WDAY) — Some are calling it “A Homecoming Stunt.” Others say it is disturbing and racist.

It was shot in Linton, North Dakota and shows the “effigy” of an Oakes football player hanging from a basketball hoop.

Seconds later, students light fire to the football jersey with the number 55. That is the number of standout Oakes football player Dalton Nelson. 

Oakes plays will play at Linton for Linton’s Homecoming tomorrow night.

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