Video Visitation Temporarily Canceled at Williams County Correctional

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Video visitation at the Williams County Correctional Center is down. 

Video visits are held every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. However, those who showed up Tuesday were greeted with a notice that visitation had been canceled.

According to the Williams County sheriff, video visitation is down due to a technical issue.  As the female correctional population was transferred over from the old facility to the newly constructed one last week, it was discovered that the video visitation at the new correctional center was not functioning properly. Video visitation was down for the female inmates last week. As the male population was moved over this week, video visitation was canceled for all inmates Tuesday. 

“It should be a little bit better video quality, better audio quality. I think a better location for everyone as far as how to get in and out and the seating arrangements and things,” says Williams County Sheriff Verlan Kvande. “Long term, it’ll be good. Right now, with the technical difficulties, with the move, new construction, we’re running into some road bumps here,” says Kvande.

The Williams County Correctional Center is working on a temporary solution to video visitation while the technical issues are being worked out. In the meantime, you’re asked to contact the Williams County Correctional Center to confirm whether video visitation has resumed. 

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