Viral video raises awareness of young kids’ capabilities

You may have seen this video on social media in recent weeks — it drew a lot of attention not only to pool safety concerns, but also to how strong and fast young kids can be.

As you can see, the toddler climbs all the way up a locked pool ladder.

Injury prevention specialist with Trinity Health, Laurie Ramsey, said it’s that, plus the fact that they’re less aware of dangerous situations – that make them so prone to accident or injury.

She suggests fencing around the pool if possible – with a child-lock gate.

Remember to have your child in a life jacket around any pool or lake – but don’t rely on just that – she said undistracted supervision is the most reliable way to ensure safety.

“Do not ever leave small children unattended around any water source. Small children tend to be top heavy. They can fall into buckets, even little wading pools that only have a few inches of water, something that seems very innocent can become disastrous in a matter of minutes,” Ramsey said,  “So it’s just being very diligent to watch those little ones all the time.”

As for the video, she said it serves as an alarming reminder of kids’ capabilities and to apply it to any safety concerns you may have with young children, this summer and year round.

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