Volunteers Step Up To Clean The Damage In Watford City

The damage is done in Watford City after an EF-2 tornado ripped through.

Two-thirds of the prairie view park is in ruins but now the community is stepping up.

“It’s a mess,” said Erica McDougall, Volunteer and Watford City Resident.

Erica woke up yesterday in disbelief of what happened to her community. She wasn’t one to sit back and do nothing so she immediately gathered a bunch of items from her home and brought it to the civic center where the Red Cross is collecting donations.

“At 7am I brought everything I had,” said McDougall.

Her volunteer efforts didn’t stop there.

“I got to where the truckers were at 6am this morning,” said McDougall.

(Alexus Arthur, KX) “And you will stay until?

“Probably 10,” said McDougall.

I’m standing in the area that received the worst damage from the storms and as you can see it’s complete devastation and it left hundreds of people displaced.

“To help take care of the people that are here whether they are here full time or part time I don’t think it makes a difference,” said McDougall.

The lieutenant from the sheriff’s department says that it will take about 2-3 days to remove the big garbage but all the little litter trash could take a few weeks to clean but with hundreds of volunteers he feels optimistic.

“It’s amazing how many people showed up,” said Matt Watkins, McKenzie County Sheriff Department Lieutenant

Watkins says that yesterday afternoon they had about 170 people stay in shelters.

They expect to have about 200 people tonight.

The Red Cross at the civic center will also be open 24 hours.


More Details:

122 structures were destroyed.

79 structures were severely damaged.

120 structures had minor damage.

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