Voting issues and election searches in the U.S.? Google is tracking them


If you want to know what issues people are having in voting across the country, try Google’s “Election Trends” web page.

The search giant is monitoring — in real time — all searches related to today’s election.

The key topics are long wait times, provisional ballots, voter intimidation, voting machine problems and inactive voter status.

All of the searches are displayed on a map of the U.S., while a ticker runs across the bottom of the screen reporting on sudden or surging search trends.

On the map, for example, in North Dakota, Google reported at 3:22 p.m. a “252 percent increase in searches for ‘provisional ballots’ in Horace, North Dakota.”

You can also select specific states to zoom into a more detailed look at where various searches are originating. Right now, for North Dakota, it seems the only trend seen by Google is in Horace.

It’s an interesting and somewhat addictive site that may help you fill in the time between getting the newest vote totals for North Dakota as they’re counted.

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