It’s Marathon Week over in the eastern part of the state.
But runners from all over North Dakota will be making their way over to take on the 26.2 mile trek.

Becky Farr caught up with one in particular to find out why she runs, and what she does to get ready for the big race.

“You can’t just decide, oh, I’m going to go out and run 20 miles today,” Dianna Anderson said.

“It takes a lot of dedication, you can’t just jump into it,” certified personal trainer and avid runner, Kendra Eerdmans said.

Anderson added, “I had to learn a lot of hard lessons about how to train.”
She picked up running about 10 years ago.

Initially, it was a way to stay fit.
But five years later, she ran her first marathon.
Another five years later, the Fargo Marathon will be her eleventh.

“It’s become a lifestyle for me. It’s just become a thing that I do and kind of a defining part of my character,” Anderson said. “I just really love running, I love the community of the races and I just love it.”

 So before she starts running, Dianna will do a few joint-loosening movements, things of that sort. But mid-run, she’ll also make it a point to stop to stretch. Dianna, what do you do?
“Well my hips tend to get tight, so I stretch like this.”

There’s a reason she does this in the middle of her run.
Although it’s different for every runner, 
“You can do some dynamic stretching before hand, some warm up kind of movements and stuff before,” Eerdmans said. “But stretching is better to do afterwards.”

If you skip stretching, it’s likely you’ll be stiff or sore the next day.

Both Eerdmans and Anderson said marathon training can be a pretty big commitment. 
But if you’ve got the time and the drive – with proper nutrition, a mileage and recovery regimen – anyone can lace up and hit the road.

“Just enjoy it, have a fun time, absorb the experience, and of course there’s always the advice ‘don’t go out too fast,'” Anderson advised.
Eerdmans excitedly said, “I’m sure you’ve heard of the runners high. To experience that, it’s a feeling that you just can’t explain.”

If you want to run but aren’t quite at the marathon level yet, you can still register for the 5K and the youth run through the end of the day Wednesday, May 16.