MINOT, ND (KXNET) — You’re never too old to learn something new.

Elison Assisted Living of Minot hosted a Senior Focus Community Health Fair on Thursday.

“It’s important for not only our residents here but local seniors that are in our areas, because we bring together services that are specifically geared for them,” said Sales & Marketing Director Brenda Boehler.

Guests were able to visit vendor booths, eat from a taco bar, and even dance and sing karaoke later in the afternoon.

One booth informed seniors how to stay safe from scams.

“A lot of them are your family’s members in jail, let’s bond them out. Something you may have subscribed to in the past, they’ll say ‘Oh, I can get you a better rate.’ And then, they’ll get all your information: the security questions, your social security number, anything that will make them eligible to take your identity and run with it,” said Minot Patrol Police Officer, Carrie Stanfield.

Stanfield says if you think you’ve been scammed, contact your bank, then call the police.

Another booth offered a companion program for seniors.

When many think of health, they think of eating healthy or being active, but good health also includes socializing with others.

Which is extremely important for everyone, especially those in rural areas.

“We as senior companions, go visit elderly people who just want companionship. Someone to visit with them, someone to maybe help them a little bit with some chores, maybe take them shopping, but want to stay in their home. Or, we also come to places, like assisted living, and just visit with people. If they have no family here or just want to have a visit, maybe help put a puzzle together or something,” said Sharon Malcomb, a senior companion with the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

According to the site, Senior Lifestyle, socializing and fun events like this are beneficial both physically and mentally.

It gets people moving, thinking, and experiencing emotions.

“We do an exercise program every morning and then we also encourage our residents to do the walking that they need and healthy balanced meals,” said Boehler.

Boehler says there will be another community health fair in the fall.