Warning issued to parents about new e-cigarette


WDAY: FARGO—Health professionals have a warning for parents of high school-aged kids; be on the lookout for “Juuls”

Officials at Fargo Cass Public Health have issued an informational sheet to several SRO’s at local schools warning about Juuls.

Juuls are small, easily concealed E-cigarettes.

They look like small USB thumb drives.

They have become increasingly popular at middle and high schools around the country.

Health experts say the nicotine inside of them can affect youth brain development.

“It certainly isn’t safe for an adolescent whose brain hasn’t stopped developing yet, and we want your brain to continue to develop how it’s supposed to,” said Melissa Markegard, Community Health Educator.

The National Institute of Health says nearly one in three E-cig using teens will start using tobacco within six months.

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