We were alerted to a heavy police presence in Washburn at about 4:00 this afternoon.
KX News’ Chad Mira headed to Washburn and soon found out police were there because of a “person of interest” related to the quadruple homicide case in Mandan.

KX News was the first on the scene at Northview RV Park in Washburn this afternoon… an R-J-R property.
The McLean County Sheriff’s Department and B-C-I have been there all day after detaining a person, in connection to Mandan’s homicide case. 

Washburn resident Nicole Blackaby says “a lot of police were not used to seeing. Swat Team, undercover…”

Nicole Blackaby knew something was up before an arrest was made.

“When I left for work this morning, there were a few police officers on the corner. They’ve been seen around town so everyone knew something bigger was going on just because it’s not normal around here,” says Blackaby.

A neighbor told us the person who lived there was arrested down the street at the Captain’s Cabin. So that was our next stop.

A bartender told us off camera she saw a man driving a white pickup get arrested around 3:00 on Thursday afternoon.

Later, Mandan police confirmed the arrest was linked to its homicide investigation.

Blackaby says “I wouldn’t have guessed it. I wouldn’t have assumed it. It hits pretty close to home” 

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