With a suspect arrested and charged, the question remains: Who is Chad Isaak?

Our Malique Rankin spent the day in Washburn, talking to the community.

KX News spoke with people that were patients at his chiropractor office, who could only say he was quiet and kept to himself. Earlier this afternoon, KX News sat down with Kim and Bonnie, two women who work just next door.

Kim Ogden: “It’s like, you never dream that it’s going to be someone by you, around you, or that you know. It’s not like I know him personally, we know of him. He walks by our business often. I would have never ever dreamt in a million years, it would be somebody like that.”

Kim Ogden and Bonnie Steiner work near Isaak’s business.

Bonnie Steiner: “Right beside it, just feet away from where he worked.”

Many Washburn residents, including law enforcement officers, were patients of Isaak.
But couldn’t say much about what the man was like.

Det. Justin Krohmer/McLean County Detective: “Quiet, calm, didn’t really have much to say.”

Chad Isaak was an under-the-radar community member, making his arrest all the more surprising.

Det. Justin Krohmer/McLean County Detective: “He had no criminal history.. absolute shock that a person could go from mid 40’s, no criminal record to being a suspect in a crime like this.”

While you’d think this news would come as a relief, it’s put residents on edge.
Kim Ogden says she’s never locked her doors in 25 years.. but now, that’s changed.

Kim Ogden: “And not because I’m afraid someone will come in, but our times are changing.”

Everyone KX News spoke with today in Washburn said they hope the news of Isaak’s arrest can eventually help the families of the victims find some peace and closure.