Water Continues To Pour Into Sakakawea

Garrison Dam 54k_1530121922768.jpg.jpg

The amount of water pouring in to Lake Sakakwea continues to outpace the forecast inflows from the Corps of Engineers.

Just yesterday, the Corps released a new three-week projection for inflows and releases from the lake.
It predicted inflow of 85,000 CFS yesterday but this morning’s observations show inflow was actually 98,000 CFS.

Meanwhile, releases are still scheduled to remain at 60,000 CFS from Garrison Dam through the three-week forecast period.

The Corps predicts inflows will fall below the 60,000 level on July 7th and continue to drop after that.

Sakakawea is now estimated to reach a peak of 1852.8 feet on Monday – barely more than one foot from the lake’s maximum level of 1854 feet.

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